Friday, October 31, 2008

Precious Moments

Remember those moments? Those little snipits of time that you don't want to ever forget? Those happen often with little ones I think. Mommy's little man got into his sisters jewelry and loved every moment of it! It might worry some mothers that I let him wear them, like the time he wanted a girl hat on just like his sister, and I let him where it out... but any fears were relieved a minute later as it was all torn off and he was crawling around the floor pushing his truck saying,"Vbrrrooom, t'uck, mommy, t'uck!"
Now... we do have those moments that, in the moment, you want to forget about the moment and pretend it never happened but then later want to remember it always and forever... like the time I came into the bathroom, only to discover little man with his hands in the toilet( which has happened almost daily as of late, I must confess), shirt soaked with potty water and MY toothbrush AND hairbands AND hairbrush in the toilet. Yes, it was a dirty toilet. Did I freak out? YES! Here I was stressed already trying to make dinner, corral kids as I was watching a friends little girl, take dinner to someone that evening and answer the phone because it rang! The last thing I needed was this! After saying his name in a slightly louder voice than normal, little man jerked in surprise looked up at me in despair with his big brown eyes as water dripped to the floor from his shirt sleeves, I smiled and started chuckling and couldn't stop. It was becoming less of a nuisance to me and more of "one of those moments" you don't want to forget as I realized my little man is much more important to me than my toothbrush.

'wing, 'wing, mommy, wah 'wing pea'!
Translation: swing, swing, mommy, I want to swing, please!
A picture of two of his joys in life. One is his first word in the morning even before he is out of bed. "Jew, wah jew!" he usually says it in desperation. It is his life-blood you could say. Loves his juice this one. And the swing... any time we are outside, he heads for the swing. He'll sit on there for an hour if I let him, happy to be pushed once in awhile if it suits everyone else. His cute little voice and face are hard to resist and make for those moments, you just don't want to forget. I pray we all remember our little ones and those precious moments.