Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

   I have a full heart as I am in prayer this afternoon. A couple of years ago, some FRIENDS of ours had the most beautiful little twin girls.  They absolutely love them, cherish them and thank the Lord for them... even though they we're only able to hold them for minutes here on earth before they went home to the open arms of Heaven. It's good to remember...
  I have no idea the excruciating pain of losing a child. I can only imagine. I look upon my own children with a thankful heart, that God has determined their days here. It's not something I need to be fearful, fretful or in control of... as if worrying or planning could change what God has designed... but I enjoy, cherish and with awe, take-in every moment I do have with them. Let's not take anything or anyone for granted, friends!
  I weep watching  THIS video but I find comforting joy in the fact that our heavenly Father has those sweet babies in His arms as I write this, He's holding them, loving on them and cherishing them forevermore... and we will all see them again one day, in all of their glorious wholeness!
I admire these friends so much because they've demonstrated beautifully what it means to be completely surrendered to the plans of the Lord, grasp onto joy in the midst of sorrow and selflessly live out their lives for the glory of their God.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Not Me! Monday...

 Have I mentioned just how much I adore my kids lately?  Oh, I have?  Well, I'm going to say it again, they are the best!

It's Not Me! Monday!

Of course I was NOT contemplating naming this post some ridiculous oxymoron like "Squeamish Cuteness" because that would just be completely silly and confusing. And I most certainly am not going to tell you that this post will not in fact make you feel squeamish and crack a smile. Nope, not me! 

Because it just might!

If my kids came inside and told me that there was a dead squirrel in the back yard, where they play, I definitely wouldn't just say," Oh, well, just don't touch it, sweetie."  And go right back to talking with my mother who came over for a visit.

Nope, not me!

And a few minutes later if one of my daughters brought a piece of paper and pen to me and asked me to write "Dead Squirrel" on it, I wouldn't not only do what she asked but not even ask why!  Because that would be neglective and irresponsible... of which I am definitely not!

A moment later when she comes back in and grabs 4 more pieces of paper to take outside with her, non-chalantly stating that the squirrel's intestines are ALSO strewn about the lawn, I certainly wouldn't just contort my face in disgust and go back to chatting.

Nope, not me! I'm a wonderful protective mother and I wouldn't want them to be within reach, let alone within inches of a dead torn apart animal.

And in the end, if my daughter went and labeled and warned us all  about the dead squirrel and it's.... um, parts by placing her wonderful papers at the scene, I most certainly would not laugh, tell her thank you, congratulate her on being so helpful and intuitive and snap photos of it... I would have ushured them ALL inside, doused them in hand sanitizer AND given them long baths, layered my hands with gloves and my arms with plastic wrap and tossed that corpse straight into the garbage can and then Lysol-ed the lawn... yep.

Nope, no laid back mama, here. Not me!