Friday, March 12, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Discovery Center

The goal was to try and maneuver the wand around the curves without touching it... my little man just liked to touch it so he could see that red bulb light up.

After the Discovery Center we made a quick stop at the park(we narrowly packed everyone back off to the car before exhaustion fueled meltdowns occurred!)

I love their smiles.

Typical. Mr. Action can't stop to give ME a chance to take his picture. (*indignant sigh)

Have I mentioned lately what a great older sister this girl is to her *MSS'?? She most certainly IS!

*Many Small Siblings

Me, like normal, appearing to be conjuring up something... when really I'm radiating pure innocence, and doing nothing at all. *wink*wink

Sing with me:
"Oh, ho ho, it's magic! You knowohoh... never believe it's not so! It's magic, you knowohoh... never believe it's not so!"

You're getting sleepy... verrrrrry sleeeeepy.

My honeys.

Of course the kids LOVE hands-on activities, that require make-believe and imagination and the apparent bliss of being an adult... so the miniature grocery store was a hit!

The kid's would have stayed on this pulley driven, rope pulling, bike wheel flap braked, swing-elevator thingy ALL day if allowed. It was a blast!

What a blast we had discovering new things; we also ran into some friends(not literally of course), went to an 'Onion Skins' show later in the evening and just feel extremely blessed beyond words to have opportunities like this trip to the Discovery Center to just enjoy life, enjoy each other, and enjoy serving the Lord and others in any way we can!
"Sixty years ago, I knew everything; now I know nothing; education and wisdom are progressive discoveries of our own ignorance." -Will Durant