Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring, our old reliable friend. You've returned with all of your refreshing rainclouds, warm sunshine, encouraging outdoor play dates and adventurous windy soccer mornings.
We welcome your presence, Spring and the many bird's songs, green shoots and promises of summer that you bring along with you. We've kicked off your coming, sweet Spring with bike rides, yard work and a trip to the park while daddy and our older girls had soccer practice nearby.
Spring you bring on a sense of renewed life and a sense of vigor that has been long shut up indoors.
Spring we embrace you!

("wing, mommy!")

(rolling down across the hill-who knew it was such a hard thing to do!)

(I want down to play, too!)

(rolling down crawling backwards down the hill like her sister and brother)

(this moment exuded pure freedom folks)

(I can do it, too!)

Coach B a.k.a. "the bestest daddy ever!"

Spring, what a wonderful season to spend together as a family!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Extra! Extra!

Smell ALL about it?

Some thought it was dog doodoo as they curled up their nose and checked their shoe bottoms. Other new-comers, thought it may just be the end of the world. But, alas it is neither! Our last week with it's beautiful warm sunshiny days here in the wide open northwest high desert have brought to life the invigorating spring thaw on our frozen fields, hills, lawns and flowerbeds. Farms are teeming with life!  Baby animals are being born, birds are chirping and yes, poop is thawing. While the green that it brings is absolutely beautiful and one of my personal fave times of the year; Spring's warmth also brings with it melting, seeping cow pies that are also bursting to life... er, fertilizing our fields after a long, winter freeze.

What a beautiful, awful smelling time of year that encourages life and growth!
Break out the shovels, break out the gardening gloves, and don't forget your clothes pins...


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Birthday brownies

A girl's best friend, right?
Always rich, sweet and invigorating.
My brother had a birthday recently,
I surprised him with some brownies at work!
But of course I had to sample them first.
(I guess they could be labeled a guy's best friend, too right?)
Birthday brownies... yum.


Is there anything more wonderful?

When things are peaceful, and I have a moment to step back a gaze at our children; observe them helping, loving on and respecting each other, it blesses my heart completely.
I love moments like these where I am assured and confirmed in our decision to home school.
There is nothing sweeter than to watch your children grow up and interact with each other.
Of course, grin-ear-to-ear moments like this particular one involving my 1 year old:
"While grabbing some diapers and wipes from the baby isle of the super market, you can always expect to hear my baby girl yelling, "Poopies! Poopies!" while she animatedly points and smiles, because of course that happens to be her quite fitting word for those particular items."
Well, those completely make any day as well.
My husband has hit the big 30!

He's committed more than ever to raising his family. He's always been a leader, lover and friend. He readily puts us first. We wouldn't be here without him, and God gave Him to us because of His great love for us! We're so thankful for this man and how he radiates pure agape love for his family and all those around him. He truly makes me strive to be a stronger Christian, better mother and loving friend. He's sacrificed a lot this year with changes and decisions He's made, but his overall eternal outlook on life and it's pleasures continues to amaze me. He's not striving to live a life that "feels good" but one that makes a difference. He's waiting for those words, "well done, good and faithful servant." What an inspiration. Happy birthday, love!
Thank you, God for this beautiful family you've entrusted me with.
I'm so blessed!