Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Gingerbread Houses

A week or so ago, my kids and I made gingerbread houses out of gingerbread graham crackers, GOBS of candy and frosting.  We had a blast!  I had totally forgotten about these pictures until today. 

My firstborn's

My second in command's

My Little Angel's

My little man's

And My Fifth Blessing's and mine

These houses we're COMPLETELY and utterly demolished by late that evening.
Worth the mess?

A Long Winded Christmas Story

It all started with a misplaced ring, a backache and a dream--a real one to be exact!

My Main man and I have been married for 10 years this year. WOOHOO!! We celebrated by taking our family on a trip to the coast for 5 days. It was so appreciated and restful, our only trip of the year. I love my husband and kids and can't imagine life without them! Sadly, a couple years back I LOST my original wedding ring. I've cried over it and kicked myself about how it came to be lost many times since. We've often talked about how it would be neat to get a new one. It's horrible to not have a ring to wear but I knew it would be awhile until we could afford a new one so I make do by wearing a quite cheaper substitute ring when I can.  

Our bed mattress was gifted to us by our wonderful Pastor and his wife in Texas many years ago. It reminds me of them and the tender parenting they did for my husband and I both spiritually and physically speaking. It is showing it's years, though, it's old, warped, uncomfortable and the reason for many morning aches and pains these days. My husband and I decided that we should get a new mattress for ourselves this Christmas. Because of how expensive those are, and how financially stretched we already are, we decided to forgo buying any other gifts for eachother. I awoke one morning about a week before Christmas, a little stiff in the neck, glad we would soon be remedying the situation exclaiming to my husband that I had this crazy dream that He thought we should get a real puppy for Christmas. It's crazy because though we've often pondered the thought and would LOVE to get a dog, right now with a small yard, tight budget and 5 kids 9 years old and under, I don't feel we are ready for another family member just yet... someday, though we will welcome a wonderful dog into our family!

So we joked about that dream throughout the day and I soon forgot about it. As the days passed and Christmas morning dawned, I received a large box from my husband with a card on top. I opened the card and inside it read,"Merry Christmas, love. I know we weren't getting eachother presents this year but you DID have a dream!"

I open the box almost expecting to see a puppy... and I did! A STUFFED toy one. (: I named him Brownie, then I noticed a small box in the corner under the stuffed animal. A huge smile crossed over my face as my brain started reeling with what it could be. I opened it up and lo and behold it was a new wedding RING all sparkly and new!!! I was elated, my heart was full of joy as I put it on my ring finger... I was shocked! With the help of my dad, my husband is planning to work extra hard to pay for this beautiful wedding band, and I am so so grateful for him and all of the hardwork he has put into this heartwarming gift to remember. Our marriage is "official" once again!! (:

So a brand new beautiful ring, hopes for less of a neck and backache and a dream still yet to come true... this was definitely one of the highlights of my very merry Christmas 2010!