Monday, August 24, 2009


There are many, many firsts in life! Alot of them are exciting and full of anticipation, some intimidating, and yet even some that we dread, but why start with those... back to the exciting and full of anticipation firsts, first!

Today was our first day of school for the 2009-2010 season!

Look at those cutsie faces... mine looked the same way(just not so cutsie as I did not get to the point of getting makeupped, bra on, or hair fixed), full of excitement and happy to be on with a new chapter in life. My firstborn is in 2nd grade and my second in command is in 1st grade this year! This is my angel's first year of school! She's proud to be a preschooler, and join the exciting new world of learning that her sisters have painted for her as "tons of fun". Haha, and it really is fun.... for me, too! Our first day went down without a hitch, excluding a couple bumps and bruises, some short-lived tears, spilled snacks, burnt almonds, and no coffee maker.... ahem.... I'm not addicted or anything.... I wouldn't even consider placing my reusable coffee filter precariously atop a travel mug and slowly pour boiling water, heated on my stove, down over the coffee grounds.... nope, never.... because that would imply and certainly seem to be a tell tale sign of a slight reliance on caffeine.


Is this not one of the cutest little guys, ever?

Even my little man had school time with play dough, singing and book reading! He was great... I was most worried about how to keep him occupied while teaching my older three. He's a good little man and a joy to have and to hold(and tickle, hehehe).

Hmmm, firsts.... Whenever I experience a "first" in my life, it sure puts me into a reflective, melancholy mood.... First kiss, first job, first house, first love, first baby, first major accomplishment, first steps, first b-day(Haha, you know? I just noticed what a funny looking word "first" is, hahaha), first car, first tooth, first date... the list could go on and on and vary from person to person. On the other hand there are not so lovely firsts; first boo-boo, first broken bone, the ominous first menstrual cycle, first fight, first zit, first loss of a loved one...We must go through them all, every single one of us, unless you are a dude, of course. Ahem. It's a sort of initiation into the tumultuous sea of experience and maturity. With naivety, there is bliss, yet a lack of appreciation! Growth takes place in the midst of uncertainty as our limited horizons expand as we take in the outcome, learn that to every action there is a re-action and weighing the pros and cons of every single first thing we do! Some days I wish I had already gone through everything, that there wouldn't be any surprises or bumps in the road that I wouldn't know single-handed how to handle...there's a security in knowing but then again, Jesus said there is nothing that we will go through, or be tempted by in this life that He hasn't already been through and conquered himself! Oh, that I would continue to be brave and jump into life's firsts like an uncertain, yet fully trusting twinkle-eyed child into the arms of her daddy in the intimidating pool. Totally, trusting my Heavenly Father to bring me through every new and trying situation and keep my head above the overbearing swells of unruly water. Firsts are exciting, sometimes hard but always new and eye-opening. A chance to move forward and learn!

Besides this being the first week of school, this is also my husbands first week of regular season soccer practices, and this last weekend was our first trip this summer up to my grandparents cabin in the mountains and our first family bike ride! I don't have any pictures of it but it was awesome to spend some energy, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy nature with my whole family(minus my fifth blessing who stayed behind with her dearest Auntie)! We look forward to many, many more bike rides together, enjoying life as a family. We did learn a lesson with this being our first bike ride; always, always bring more water rather than less. Less is not more when it comes to water. Water is a necessity when it comes to riding bikes in 100 degree weather. So let that be a lesson for you, my dear friends out there in cyber world...may you never be caught less than halfway through your heated, lengthy escapade, completely without another drop of H2O! I must confess, we we're starting to look longingly at the brown canal water located in the near green expanses of field crops!!


Life sure is stock full of firsts.
Here's a rather cute first, if you ask me.

My first and last beautiful son.