Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gymnastic Meet

          My poor girl. She had been practicing, anticipating and looking forward to this meet for some time, and then a couple of days prior threw up, came down with a fever and became stuffed up with snot.
I "hoped" it was just the stomach flu bug and that she would be over it within 24 hours but when Friday night rolled around and she still felt slightly awful, we decided she should miss her Friday night open gym practice so that she would feel her best in the morning to get out there, despite a fever, and compete in the meet!
Now, I wouldn't normally recommend or allow my kids to attend gymnastics SICK, but this being a once a year occurrence and having already paid for it, along with my second in command really wanting to get out there and try we decided to make an exception.
            If you've ever attended a gymnastics meet, you know there is A LOT of standing, waiting, and watching that goes on and it requires much patience and attention. As bystanders, we had a few sleepy babies, unhappy toddlers and restless hungry kids, but thankfully we had two Memaws along to help entertain.  My dear second in command was shivering and tired at times but managed to pull out a good performance anyway! So proud of her.  She has been participating in gymnastics, for the most part since she was 3 years old. She loves the atmosphere and her teacher miss Anna. We love watching her excel and make gymnastics her own. She did routines on the uneven bars, beam, and floor and also participated in doing the vault.
            Well, as it turns out, yesterday we took her into the doctor because we suspected strep throat at this point due to very large adenoids and fever. We were right!  Strep. All around. x7. Well, okay x5 at this point... but we all know how THAT goes. 

So proud of my determined girl!