Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I love coffee. I work at a coffee shop. I really enjoy talking and relating with people. I'm around hoards of people at work. I am supposing my job fits me well.

I am still saving to purchase a new camera to replace my broken one.  I have about $500 saved up thus far but I'm shooting for $700... should have it in about a week. WOOHOO!! I am contemplating getting one of THESE Cannon cameras, within budget... not sure yet, though. Thinking I should get some advice from an expert before finalizing my decision! It's bound to be an upgrade no matter what I end up getting.

I really enjoy taking photographs. Especially of my children... who doesn't!  I also enjoy setting up for, taking and remembering pivotal points in life by snapping a "story" picture.  A picture says a thousand words, right?  I think so.  After buying a more "spendy" camera I may decide to invest in a better picture editing software... again I would have to do some research or seek out professional advice first, as well as take a class on how to best use it but as of now I frequently use the free version of Picnik to do minor editing and absolutely love it.

I am so in awe of the men and women who are our military and their families.  They are our heroes. We pray for you often and are thankful beyond measure for your sacrifice.  Only God knows your sorrows and sense of loss, lonliness and the destitution that you must face at times... we love you and are thankful to you for your service to our country. God bless you!!!

Homeschooling is going so awesome. My husband as always is a godsend and organized the rest of our school year by printing out daily/weekly workbook schedules for my girls AND putting them into handy dandy notebooks ta boot!  He rocks. We have been flying through school books and I feel my oldest is more than ready to do the mandatory state test this year. It's pretty much a no-brainer to pass those tests, but a timed test is still daunting for anyone, especially a 3rd grader. She'll do great!

I was home schooled 5th through 12th grade. I graduated a year early, though so essentially I only did 3 years of high school, then went and got my diploma and my GED.  Before homeschooling, I attended a Christian school for K-4th grade. I am still in touch with some of those students I went to grade school with in Montana!  Such awesome memories and it's completely sweet to still be in contact with them. Daily, we met in a 4 roomed square schoolhouse complete with bell steeple, built in the early 1900's. It was in the middle of a large field of long brown grass and felt like a little country schoolhouse.  It WAS a little country Christian schoolhouse! Great memories---Torn pants on the swing and trying to hide it the rest of the day by keeping my legs smooshed  together. Haha--- running a race with the boys, oh, and kicking them, too... playing four-square, jump rope contests, show and tell... ha!  My 3rd grade teacher with the most awesome-est name ever: Mr. Wolfshorndl... wow, not even sure I spelled that right.  But I sure do remember his name!! Do you remember making shapes with a string and your fingers?  A friend and I totally did that together for show and tell one time. We. We're. Awesome--- The downtown two story library and all of it's eerie-ness, along with doing an origami class there once... I also tried dried seaweed once from a classmate who was Asian and LOVED to snack on it. My friend and I walking on a frozen swamp and me falling through... Anyways, I could go on and on about fun and amazing memories from that time in my life. What are some childhood memories that YOU might have that just make you stop and smile when you think about them? I'd love to hear about them!!

Some online sites I love to visit are my friend Brooke's Sweet Bee blog for vintage fashion inspiration and Fabulessly Frugal for recipes, deals and coupons... in fact one of my most favorite childhood breakfasts were posted on Fabulessly Frugal recently!  German pancakes. Right here.  It's fabulously yummy!

One of my fave photographers Amber Fischer is having a Valentine's Photo Booth shoot this Saturday. I am excited to be able take my kiddos in for one of her brilliant photo creations!

So that's a snip-it of who I am, where I've been and some of what it is I like to do.
Now it's your turn to tell me a little about YOU!!