Saturday, November 13, 2010

Random Thoughts... um... Saturday!

Wow! What a whirlwind of a November it has been around here. Something that never changes is my complete amazement at what CAN change in just days!
We have been busy with birthdays...
My second in command turned 8 years old this last October. She had a wonderful birthday slumber party. Her first ever! A definate highlight was the glow stick outdoor fun!

My oldest turned 9 this October and I am still in shock that I will have a double digit daughter next year! I am getting old... {er}.

Then, my last birthday in the 20's was this month!  I've totally savored it and the past decade and I am looking forward to the 30's... I believe I've had my fill of the "child-bearing" 20's thank you very much.  Ha!
It's November now. A beautiful month in our area. Cool crisp weather, damp days, and big bright blue skies. We are enjoying the weather, but with shorter days and the "finishing" up of our {Project Water Diversion} plans, we haven't had many moments of outdoor leisure this fall. We're taking the time we do have together with each other and purposing every minute of it.
We enjoyed a trunk-or-treat at my parents church and a harvest party directly after with our church family!  It was such a fun time... I am so thankful for our church and the beautiful people in it(and they are pretty good dancers, ta boot)!
Here are pictures of my kids in their scrounge-through-the-dress-up-bin-costumes and my mother as an M&M:

(Okay, so the big bad Darth Vador guy is not my kid... not that that was in question!)

My mom is absolutely awesome.
Along with homeschooling, Bible studies, housework and everything that goes along with being a wife and mother, my husband I have recently decided to add another task to our list of daily accomplishments: A part-time job...for me! 

Because, people who stay busy accomplish more... at least that is our theory.

We have been praying about whether I should take a class or two at our local community college or find a part-time job that I would enjoy.  The Lord orchestrated the whole thing and it worked out for me to start working in our local coffee shop.  It just about fell into my lap!
I have NEVER worked as a barista, so there is a lot to learn. I thrive under pressure!  So we should be good to go.  This week was my first week and so far, I love it.  Looking forward to next week!

My first-born has started Shotokan Karate at a neighboring town's church.  She absolutely LOVES it.  My second daughter is loving her gymnastics, my third is getting OH-so-close to reading well on her own.  She is reading simple things with my help now and for her, this is amazing progress!  This mommy is absolutely delighted and encouraged. Thank you, Jesus! 
My son is a dashing charmer. Last night we ALL went to Open gym night at my second-in-command's gymnastics place and he was so excited. I love how he said "Are we going to M-nastics now, mommy?" My littlest girlie is darling, saying many many words now, running around trying to keep up with her siblings and dearly loves food and music.
My grandpa Jim had a VERY bad four-wheeler accident which ended in him getting life-flighted to the hospital from the top of a mountain!  His pelvis was broken in 2 places and his hip joint completely shattered.  He is recovering well but will have a long long road ahead of him in the rehabilitation and limited mobility department. He is 72 years old and has always been a busy, tough, healthy, driven man so this will be hard on him.  We are praying the Lord will sustain him and keep his spirits up!

And then there is this one area I seem to keep struggling in lately...

Friend-to the end-ship

I am going to be completely honest for a moment...

Do you ever feel as though you are a ~used friend~? 

I do! I understand these are my feelings and that feelings lie so I give them to God.  I long for as Anne of Green Gables puts it: A kindred Spirit.  Someone you can't wait to see, tell every teeny little tiny thing to, who understands you, whose friendship is un-changing, who doesn't throw out your friendship when it isn't "useful" or "beneficial" to them anymore, selfless offerings of oneself as an instrument of blessing to eachother, seeks you out and goes out of their way to show their love.  Some days I know I fall short at this, but I do try, there are many times I feel Spirit lead to reach out to my friends, to be there when they call on me, pray for them often, forgive quickly, seek them out and bless them, even with just a smile and so I do it.  Isn't that friendship? 
It's true, sometimes I do try too hard or I am fueled by guilt(founded upon my own unreachable lofty expectations that I put on myself) and wind up coming across completely wrong.
Friendship.  Companionship. Selflessness... where can it be found?  What does it look like? Is true friendship easily dismissed, forsaken or ignored?


Proverbs 18:24 says, "A man who has friends must himself be friendly, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother."I believe that God fills that longing in our hearts as humans... we long for intimacy, closeness and a sense of belonging.

We long for...

But being human as well as spiritual beings, leaves us sadly separated from being physically with our Maker.  His touch is felt through the filter that is between the glory of Heaven and heaviness of earth... it's real but different than that earthly longing of being loved in the now.  I believe that leaves some walking in loneliness just a part of life here on earth.  No one can fill it, because a sense of perfectly belonging isn't, it just isn't until Heaven.  I'm such a deep person, therefore I long for deepness in relationships, not "gigglies", not "seasons" of love. Forever-ness.

Absolute abandon.

I've found that when I am fretting or hurt, one of the best things I can do is remember all that I have to be thankful for!  It lifts the spirits and changes perspective instantly.

I'm thankful for my so-near-perfect-husband-in-the-love-and-friendship-department-it-makes-me-mad-at-him life companion and his MALE, manly, husband-like, practical minded kindred spirit. I have found complete safety in him.  I am SO incredibly thankful for my Savior, Jesus, He's given meaning to my life. I am thankful for each day with my sweet, dear children.  What gifts of love! I am thankful for the ladies in my life who are reachable and real... they are treasures! 
What are YOU thankful for today?

Thank you my God for this time of growth here on earth... with out it I wouldn't understand just how much I completely need you... I love you.
your sometimes insecure very fallible daughter