Tuesday, October 26, 2010

1, 2 Tie your shoes 3, 4 open your doors 5, 6 pick up STICKS

Need a fall table centerpiece, display or decoration arrangment filler but have an empty pocketbook and no time to spare?
The thrifty solution could be right outside your backdoor-> Or your front door depending on which one you go out of-> Or your neighbors back door-> Or depending on where your trees or shrubs are located making it completely and utterly uneccesary to go out of your back door only to have to make your way up to the front yard...


It could be as easy as picking up a few sticks.

Who knew sticks could look so classically rustic, organically textural, comfy-cozy and beautiful as simple nature on display on the coffee table?
Now you know.

A birthday story:

Once upon a time, there was this girl. A quite special & unique little girl who is the treasured oldest of five children, has a helpful heart, outruns the boys, tends to her many siblings and household chores and often outwits her parents.
On her ninth birthday she wanted a celebration all her own. Not a combined party with her sister who is exactly 12 months younger than her and is a total opposite... no, a single solitary purposeful celebration this year done in her own special way! So daddy and mommy consented.
The determined girl wrote her own invites, handed them out, helped make her cake and planned her own birthday party down to the littlest detail.
16 lively children showed up to help her celebrate. They played together, they pinned the stem on the pumpkin, they devoured a lemon cake, watched a movie, opened incredible {tomboy} gifts and snacked on salty popcorn and sweet candy. Made many memories.
She broke into her adorable twinkle eyed smirky grin and brought smiles to all at the end of the day. The girl was thankful-for a day she was able to call her own.  In the midst of a big busy family, those are hard to come by but on this her 9th birthday she had been blessed with doughnuts for breakfast, cards in the mail and a night to stay up past normal bedtime hours. Now at 9 years old, the privileged girl can wield a soft Nerf sword, takes karate, excels at reading and soccer and writes her own thank you notes.... and her parents are as always, proud of their baby girl... and joyously exhausted.

And they ALL lived happily ever after.
The end... for now.