Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Story Hour

The kids and I immensely enjoy our local library. We love the sights, smells and quiet excitement that a huge building of books invokes!  We make it into story hour at least once a month and then in to get and look at books once or twice a month as well.  It's quite the special school occasion for my children!

On this particular visit to the library, my mom, sister and her two kids went with us as well. That is a common occasion, my sister and her kids joining us.  My sister and I love doing things together but it certainly doesn't seem to work out as much as we'd like.  We both have very different schedules, activities and live and work in two different towns, about 20 minutes from each other.  She's a great blessing of a gal, and so multi-talented!  We're excited about our plans to do a homeschool fieldtrip with our kids once each month this year! 

At Story hour, we usually meet up with friends. Four of my amazing dear friend's kids are brought by their grandma each week.  We look forward to seeing them! Here is Mr. Tyler, the fourth of eight children, showing off his awesome artwork.

I love this girl's cheesy grins.
Along with a couple of stories being read out loud to the kids, there is usually a craft or coloring page that goes along with upcoming holidays or the changing of seasons. 

With it being the first day of FALL


this time around, the kids had a great time coloring and putting leaves on their "trees".

It's hard to see but my little angel drew a dog in her tree.  She loves dogs! Not sure why it's in the tree...

This little gal can't sit still for any amount of time... that is unless she is asleep.  So we had many quick hugs and kisses as she darted back and forth, back and forth, back and forth constantly as I ever-so-gently reminded her to keep quiet.  She's a true sweetheart, only compliant on her terms! We're working on correcting that...

My second-in-command is quite the perfectionist, along with being intently purposed until the job is done... of course it kind of has to be her purpose... but I love her for it!  I also empathize with her as she takes after her mama in that character flaw tendency.

Getting a lesson from mommy about how to use glue dots... not so easy for a 5 year old!

My little man and his thick mop of hair!
He's the sweetest little soul, you'll ever meet.

My little man and his cousin went off into the corner with each other, their papers and crayons and had a blast.  These two are only 2 months apart, so they get along pretty well and enjoy a lot of the same things!

If you have noticed the smudges and a dirt like substance on my kids' arms, that would be from the wonderful residue of old sticker tattoos...

Don't get me wrong, I love this girl to pieces but 'Peace'... Hmmm.... just a little ironic that she got THAT sticker!


Okay, now it has just become hair tussling!

Trying to be patient, quiet and good.... but it's torturous for her!

God has truly blessed our family with this little guy's spirit!

My sis and I we're slightly ~snap happy~ this particular day. 

My beautiful mother loving on and helping keep the kids still and attentive.

Sitting, waiting, talking, crawling...

My oldest showing off her "battle scars" to Tyler.  She got a nasty horsefly bite while clearing brush from our yard.  It swelled up quite good!

Playing coy.

Being good little boys.

Sweet face. Dear girl. One of God's major instruments of growth in my life!

These two are the same way as their younger brothers, at 5 years old and only one month apart, they love playing, pretending and sitting together.

Time to start!

So thankful for resources such as our local library and ALL that they have to offer.
Fall is officially here!
Cooler weather is sure to follow.
'Book-IT'  program, ready or not (and we're quite ready) here we come!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Harvest

It's no secret that I love the color red, flowers, the crispness of fall and a cloudy day.
So when I have experiences that incorporate all of those loves, I am on cloud nine!
This first-of-fall-weekend, we we're fortunate enough to once again head out to our family-owned Countryman Farm (pics and story to come one day... soon) and pick, dig, clip, reach, arrange, search, pull and fill until we were loaded up with an abundance of fall harvest produce such as melons, rhubarb, plums, apples, potatoes, corn, zucchini and tomatoes. Ah, the bliss!  A more productive (and cheaper, too!) trip than to the local grocery store. I even managed to quickly clip a couple beautiful bouquets. ~One to keep and one to give away~
We are fortunate to have extended family within a few miles of us literally on ALL sides. They all also love to garden. Who needs to dig up an already small yard to stake out a garden plot in town when beautiful generous country dwelling family members gladly share the "wealth" and keep our fridge and cupboards stocked full? 
Walnuts, cornstalks and pumpkins are next! How blessed and thankful we are!