Thursday, August 12, 2010


is some of what we've been up to while making our home away from home at the family farm this week.

If you happen to fall asleep from boredom and hit your face on the keyboard of your laptop, I am not to blame!
This is a LONG post, full of pictures of beautiful children.
Continue at your own risk.

My firstborn just being herself

I love her

Eating fast food, just because. Although, I've done my fair share of cooking as well!

Always coloring, painting or crafting

Finishing up some of last years schoolwork so we can start this years schoolwork.

I love her.

My little angel doing some "poses" for the camera

I love her.

My little guy still getting the hang of peddling. He was intently concentrating... and his older sister looks like she was out to get him! (she was)



Showing and telling

"I did it! I made scribbles(at least that's what his sisters tell him he's made)!"

Dog-sitting for friends-kind of. Meet Dixie. We have been going over to this little sweetheart's house every other day to play around and keep her company while her family is away for a week. My friend Jenn and her 3 kids are on a little vacation, but her husband is home so he keeps Dixie well fed, we just keep her well played with. {smile}

Yet another red bump on this little girl's head.  Right between the eyes this time. She's a go-getter this one is. She never stops going.  A little energizer bunny.

hanging out with my kids

Playing around

Computer time



banana and cheese

making silly faces

endless snacking, because this country air makes you hungry!

showing off gorgeous eyelashes


playing coy

giving kisses

and more kisses

I love her.


and singing

and melting mommy's heart.

I love him.

Doing ninja moves

My dearest picking apricots with the kids for Memaw to can.

No, there is no such thing as a 'sippy cup' tree. {Heehee}
Too bad!

Such a hard-working bunch.
I love their awesome daddy.

Lots of walks by the canal, skipping rocks on the water and not-in-the-canal swimming.

Playing "Mountain Girl"

on a woodpile

in swimming suits

Hmmm, may have to change the name of the game to "Crazy Mountain Kids"...

I love my family!!

Random Conscious Thoughts Thursday

Our house is all dried out now. 12 fans did the trick over the course of 4 days. Our friend and talented contractor, Mike is starting on the *refurbation of our house today. That does give me a sense of joy, knowing our home is not going to be sitting there torn apart, quietly barren, much longer.  Forward progress is always encouraging.
*not sure if this is a word or not but used it nonetheless because it kind of looks COOL!

I am so excited to be starting two Bible studies this month, along with finishing the Home Builders study already in progress. "Walking with Joy"-a study of Philippians and "A Woman's Walk With God" by Elisabeth George. I'm so excited about both of these studies!! Not only for the rich content and gripping scriptures but also for who I get to spend time with while studying the Word. The Lord has really been impressing Galatians 5:22 on my heart, "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control." God hasn't only used passages from the parts of Bible I am studying in, but also words from the mouths of friends and family speaking into my life! It's amazing to see the Lord using circumstances, friends, studies and experiences for the single purpose of speaking to, changing and growing me. Hmmm, 3 Bible studies this month... If I didn't believe it's all about grace not works, and I wasn't telling you so right now, you'd think I was trying to be holy or something silly like that. {snicker} Me. Holy? Not.

So I splurged on a Reece's sundae yesterday from Baskin Robbins. If you have never tried one, don't start. Seriously. At almost 2000 calories a pop, they are mega figure plumping, taste bud addicting, using your total amount of daily calories on 1 delicious dessert kind-of-splurge. It was wickedly heavenly. I'm PMS-ing... 'nough said.

While I was feasting on my said splurge and my kids we're eating their fruit roll ups{since I'm a completely fair mother like that and wouldn't dream of eating dessert in front of my kids while they just sat there and drooled...}, I couldn't help, being the observant one that I am, but notice that some people seem to resemble their cars. Can the same really be said for car and owner relationships that is said of husband and wife relationships; that over time they begin to resemble each other? Or could it be that as the vain species that we as humans are, we could be, be it ever so subconsciously, buying cars that look like spitting-only shinier, bigger, heavier, glassier, louder(most of the time), gassier, non-living-images of ourselves?  I know I have certain colors I gravitate towards in furniture and clothing, so it definitely wouldn't be any different when I go car shopping. I would have to say from what I have observed, it is plausible.

Let me ask you an important question, "Do I look like my car!?"

I went on a 3 mile midnight 11:23pm run with my treasured husband last night. It was such a thrilling, beautiful, divine adventure!  We saw shooting stars, had time to visit, but for the most part just enjoyed being with each other in the quietly still, moonless night. Sometimes it's hard to get out and do things that are slightly scary, new or we just feel too tired to even begin, but it's usually when we push past those feelings, and step out in faith and complete vulnerability that we are most blessed and awed. 

God is truly blessing us more and more as we pass through this unknown gritty reality called life and we are learning to cling solely to Him and change our perspective from "WHY?". Why us, why now, why this? to "how" and "what": How can we grow through this?  How can we rely on Him in this situation? What can we learn from this?  What can we do to shine for Him in this dark time?
Believe me, I am not a pro at having that perspective. The Lord is still working in my heart to be thankful in all things.  I'm not necessarily thankful for all things, but I am thankful through whatever life throws at our family, that God will sustain, will provide and will work in our hearts. Looking through the glasses of Godly perspective we start to see what an overall positive experience can be brought out of life's oppositions and struggles.  Making our current flooding situation, an opportunity for growth, not a roadblock in achievement!  How encouraging that is to my heart.

How I pray that your hearts are open and pliable in His strong hands and that you are allowing Him to work in you, my friends. I have found no other earthly reason to live that can even distantly compare to life lived in communion with and sold-out zeal for God!

Well, I had better go and get my two middle munchkins out of the bath before they become raisins.

Proverbs 19:21 "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails."