Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas replay-part 1

Decorating the Christmas tree!

Eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair... kisses and goodbyes!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Happy New Year

... or should I say that I am already completely exhausted... not the best way to start out the year. God is good, though. As I reflect on this past 2010 year, I am in awe of God's faithfulness.  He has been faithful through it all, to see us through the good and hard times, to bring along growing seasons, yank me back to reality and most of all, bless our family's socks off.

 Christmas Eve Photo

This year is a biggie in the travelling-a-path-never-before-taken by this family of seven. I'm NOT pregnant!!  Haha, it may sound funny, but seriously with all of my kids with the exclusion of my first two who we're 12 months apart, I have gotten pregnant consistently when my baby is 18 months old and so my last four kiddos have all been 26 months apart in age.  Craziness I know. It was completely not a purposeful thing. My husband and I are terrible planners. Honest!  We wouldn't be able to have even planned that, let alone see it to fruition!
The kicker is that my baby has turned 19 months old today and once again I AM NOT PREGNANT! Can you sense the excitement?
Wow. I'm a little amazed still. I may need to sit down... She's 19 months and I am not pregnant. Okay, anyway... So this year marks a first for us. Probably, barring a miracle, no more babies. My fifth blessing is and always will be my littlest baby.

 So we look forward to this 2011 year of walking a never before trodden path. We also, from time to time look back on all of those times we've stumbled, not to be condemned once again, but to remember from what He has saved us from and brought us through. How He's been faithful and cares enough to change our hearts. We are thankful for last year's many joys, those times of walking in the light along with the times we we're stuck, in the dark, groping for a way out. Only then to see that the Holy Spirit's hand was upon us even then, in the blackness. Growing us. Making us lie still, listen and dig deeper still. Rest. Depend on our Lord for everything and look to Him for everything. Learning patience and finding direction.
"With You is the fountain of life; in Your light do we see light."
Psalm 36:9

Hmmm, New Year's resolutions. I'm not big on those. But I am big about purposing my days lately. Making a plan and sticking to it, seeing it to the end. Persevering through the pain, through the uncertain dark places. Never losing hope, but trusting in His Word that He never leaves us, never forsakes us and waits expectantly to give us His glorious crown of life, made specifically for each one of His children.
So here's to a happy new year, walking in His love and grace, bringing my children up to know and love the Lord and His ways and loving on my dear sweet family just a little more every day. Thank you, Lord for the blessing of another year to walk with YOU!