Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Serenity

Snowy evenings, Christmas tree lights, a smile on my face, memories coming to mind and warmth to my heart... O, how sweet and peaceful the warmth of the flames, how melodic the crackling of the wood. The reminiscing and melancholy of the season brings with it past joys and regrets. A time to remember, be prayerful and be thankful. Thankful for this rest, this time, this comfort, now. Blessed. Loved. Held. Beloved. Jesus come, I invite you into my Christmas season. If only You could be right beside me, sharing in this feeling, fulfilling, completing my comfort and peace. Then a voice, no... an embrace and I remember... He is with me, in me, surrounding all of His children. He is in everything and everything is because of Him. He is holding us, loving us. He is beside us always! Remember, to look for Him, look to Him during this wonderful snip-it of time, He's waiting, He's here with you. In the beautiful tree, that He died on, in the candy cane, which bears His stripes that He bore for us, in the gifts, O how many are the gifts He bestows on us! He's in everything and we can see Him in every Christmas holiday occasion, if we only invite Him in... and remember, Jesus is the reason for everything.
How beautiful He is!