Thursday, March 31, 2011

New York City!
What an opportunity.
In part, it was to celebrate my mother's 50th birthday but in whole, it was a dream trip, long awaited especially for my sister and mother.

"Whether at home, or thousands of miles away, the same moon still shines overhead."

That was the first thought that came into my head as I looked up at a bright full moon in the New York City sky after my mother, sister and I landed on the east coast to begin our 5 day entourage last week.
As the gigantic city came into view of my plane window I remember thinking how huge this world we live on is; how BIG must God be to have created it!? I am small and insignificant compared to this earth in it's intricate entirety, but God still thinks of me... amazing.
While we rode the cramped humid shuttle van to our hotel from the airport I looked up at the sky through the foggy window and felt a comforting sense of closeness to my family. I have always had a hard time leaving them! I gave every step, opportunity, conversation and activity to the leading of the Lord... knowing He had purpose for me here.
I listened in on the conversations of my fellow passengers as I gazed out the foggy window. They all come from different parts of the world, headed for different destinations and I wondered who they were, what their lives have been like and where they are headed... thinking God thinks of and knows them, too! There were mentions of Japan, ice fishing, radiation, family, hometowns, job possibilities, the news/media's huge impact on the views and beliefs of it's viewers(not a good thing in my book) and how they create and fabricate chaos just to have a story to sell.  As I continually wiped the condensation off of the window, we passed fascinating buildings, signs, cars, graffiti and people as we made periodic stops to let off passengers. It was late night, after 12am in the morning eastern time.  The excitement grew as being in New York was now a reality setting in.
There was one particular animated guy in our van who had obviously had "one too many" and was quite the chatty natty!  He made for easy conversation and comfortable discussion with fellow passengers as I took in all that we drove past and all that was said. All three of us girls were split up amongst the van so weren't able to talk closely. I was innately aware that night, taking in everything we drove by and overly conscious of every light, sign and building we passed. I remember thinking how very odd everything was and how we would never have something like that back home! New York City is so bright, old, new, big, bold, close, fast-paced and dirty all at once. I was also, VERY exhausted and keenly sensitive as I have never been a relaxed flyer. By nature I love to be in control and while flying, well it feels out of control at times. Our first flight of the day was quite a bit bumpy... so needless to say I was wide-eyed and happy to be alive, soaking in new sights, sounds and smells now on the ground again.
Once we arrived at our under-renovation vintage hotel in downtown Manhattan, we lugged our luggage up to the 16th floor corner room(okay, there WERE elevators), and checked in with our hubbies, we got settled, set our alarm for the next morning and went to sleep excited for the first day of our trip to transpire...

...and that my dear friends is a summary of day 1 in our adventures in New York City. I was excited to be there, but happy to know that in four days I would be back to my good ol' little predictable town, hugging on my husband and five kids.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Home is where my heart is.
Where my husband is, where my children play and where we lay our heads to sleep. Home is safe, familiar and warm. Where tiny voices echo, incriminating sippy cups are littered about telling tales of curious toddlers, the tub is full of bath toys and the pitter pattering of little feet is endless. Being home is easy and restful. It's comforts include hugs and kisses, loves and prayers. Safety.  
I'm HOME from incredible New York City with stories to tell and pictures galore and while New York and all of it's fascination was exciting, nothing beats moments of timeless pleasure with the ones I love.
The kids and I soaked up our first day back under the same roof with our love of puzzles, snuggles and books and we couldn't be more overjoyed.

Happy to be together once again!!

I'm still here!

Jet lag, focusing on family, homeschooling, stubborn computers, house projects, soccer season, work, unpacking bags... it's all keeping me quite occupied these days, BUT I have tons to share and update here and I WILL get to it soon! God is SO good. Life is busy. So many good things are happening, some not-so-good things, too. We have food on the table, a roof over our heads, a home full of love, a computer down(in fact I'm borrowing one as I write this), cavities to fill... regardless of all, I am blessed. I don't take that for granted even for a moment!  I realize how quickly everything can change; for the good or bad. No more high highs and low lows for this girl(including plane rides for that matter, at least for awhile...) I'm resting in His level, constant eternal mindset and not feeding on and living for the flesh!  Good things are just that. Good things. I'm thankful for them but I don't dwell on them and same with the not-so-good. We'll make it through to the other side of those, too!  It won't last forever... so no use dwelling there either...
In love.