Saturday, August 27, 2011


Stay young at heart my princess. 
True to your Maker.
For completely faithful and loving He is,
sincere, forever pouring His love on you.
Give your everything, wholly to your mighty King.
Truly abandon desire for earthly pleasures,
Let His hands hold and protect your gentle soul.
For He formed you,
Designed you with purpose,
And can't wait to walk through
the rest of your life with you. 

Capture her heart, Father,
Reach out and grasp her hand.
Let her find her worth in You,
and live to kneel at Your throne.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fragile Companion

Every cool summer morning, after spending energy on an invigorating run I look forward to grabbing the garden hose, my straw hat and watering can. I shower my flower gardens with a refreshing drink, faithfully as a summertime ritual. It's my time to pray in silence, tend to my plants, till the soil, dig up impeding grass and weeds and enjoy the warmth and beauty of the rising sun. As summer's end looms near, I was blessed with a visit from a tiny neighbor. It's as if he frolicked and played in the coolness of the water and waved a thank you and farewell as he climbed from his home and back again. God is SO GOOD to his children, he sends reminders of his love and small wonders of his amazing creation. 
I will miss these moments come fall!