Friday, January 6, 2012

Nothing but blue skies

Looking heavenward this year will take a choice. Daily. To believe the promises God has given us.

Live for the promise of heaven with me this year?

We will see Him face to face one day and rejoice with HIM for a life we lived to glorify HIM! Let's live our lives like we really truly believe that.

O, joyful day that will be. (:

Thursday, January 5, 2012



Where to begin... when did it END?  Whew, time slips by like a child quietly searching for mischief... well, this picture sums up what can happen when they do slip by:

And no, the tears are not because I scolded her for getting into mommy's eye shadow. This one is smart enough to know she's done something wrong the moment I discover her.


My fifth blessing is big part of why 2011 has flown by! Loving on and training this sweet girl seems to be what will be the end of me... but I wouldn't trade a moment of it... now, ask me tomorrow morning when she's screaming up a fit yelling,"I DO IT, I DO IT BENNET! You MEAN", and not sleeping peacefully in her tiny toddler bed, it may be another story...

Totally teasing!

Like a sweet man eased my mind by saying during one of her "I've made up my mind", strong-headed moments where she was loudly(while daddy was trying to do worship and mommy was trying to go over verses with Sparks girls)letting us know she did NOT want to go to her AWANA class(even the promise of treats wouldn't trick talk her into it!)or anywhere anyone else wanted her to go for that matter on this particular night, "She's a natural born leader that one."

"Well", I said," God's got a LOT of work ahead of him on this one then." (wink)

Last year was... draining. physically, mentally, spiritually-God only knows. So thankful He KNOWS:

each tear that fell
every dream left for lost
every blessing
the desires of our hearts
our deepest needs
our struggles
areas in need of cleansing and growth

He knows it all.

He knows I can't handle this brood all on my own.

Yes, yes I know, sweet and cooperative, that's them! Ha, and most of the time really they are... but what about those moments when they become wild, selfish animals who can't possibly be related to me!

Awe, shucks I love them anyway.

My mom, sister and I remain close and busy doing activities like home school field trips, bake days and exercise routines together regularly. Game nights, Monday night football with my Dad, drinks and singing around the fire pit, Christmas up at my grandparents cabin with just enough ice snow to make sledding probable possible, my oldest two getting baptized, trips to New York, Mexico(and very soon TEXAS(!!!!!!)) are definitely some of my favorite memories of this past year. I have too many to name.

God is so good. Smiling because of Him tonight.

2011 was busy for a myriad of reasons, and I am thankful that this new year I will be able to focus more solely on my family, blogging, photography and my walk with the Lord. There's nothing I hold closer to my hear than those.

Looking forward to 2012 and all the memories it's waiting to hold!