Thursday, March 4, 2010

Book store

My two oldest daughters have been playing 'bookstore' recently. They write their own books, draw their own drawings and they trade their books for anything really... a chocolate chip, a coin, a toy... even part of a toy. My angel helps out by putting stickers on the books, or so I've been told.

It's been hilarious to read some of their stories. Some of them have been the sweetest love notes to their daddy and I.

BUT I laughed out loud... well, maybe just in my head but it was very loud in my head... when I read this one titled "shopping". I couldn't believe the little sales women they had become ALL on their own.


(Edited for spelling as it may be difficult to read if you're not their mommy)

"(first page) This Book belongs to _______.
Are you trying to get a book, a drawing, a painting? You need to come to Abby and Alayna's Bookstore and H&B and Bab. They're the coolest stores. I know some of you just have a little money... well, they're low this season. See you soon, bye!" -My firstborn

"Tigers and Lions"

"(first page) This Book belongs to_______.
Lions are the King of the Jungle. Lions are cool. Did you know that there is a white lion? I have a poster and it's right on top of my bed. Tigers are the biggest cat in the world." -My firstborn

"The Dress"

(first page) This Book belongs to_______.
"A girl wanted a dress but her mom did not get it. She wanted it very much. She is feeling better at home. She hopes she gets the dress for her birthday. I hope she did? She did? I hope she did. She did!!" -My second in command

"A book about Luke Skywalker"

(" ") " "______.
"Have you seen the movie, "Star Wars"? I love Luke! Sometimes I pretend that I am Luke Skywalker. My friend is named Luke, too. I even have a sword I pretend is a lightsaver. It's cool. I watch the movie very much. Remember my friend I was talking about? Well, my mom goes to see them a lot.(mommy interjection here.... she's referring to my good friend's son Luke :) Well, Luke Skywalker is pretty cool. I like him. Could you imagine what it would be like to be in the movie? Well, I have to go, bye!" -My firstborn

"Ella and the Big Pool"

(" ") " "______.
"Ella was going to the pool. She wanted to go in the deep water. Her mom said "no". Then she went to the deep water slide. She went on the slide. "What were you thinking", the lifeguard said. I love you. I love you, too!" -My second in command

"My mom and dad"

(" ")" "______.
"My mom and dad, they're kind and they're sweet. I love my dad because he's cool. My dad plays soccer, my dad works at the house and I help him. I love my dad because 1. He's sweet 2. He's cool 3. I just like him. I love my mom because she's kind and she helps me with school. I love my mom because 1. She's kind. 2. She's love. 3. I just love her." -My firstborn

I've been trading for these imaginative gems all day... and they are priceless and slightly hilarious I must add. I love my girls!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

When tagged by this wonderful blogger, friend, photographer... I mustn't disapoint!

Ten things I LOVE:

(1) Soaking in a nice hot bubbly, mineral salty, oatmealy bath in a comforting candle's light... at which time I usually shave the forest on my legs.

(2)My new 'green' green phone. It ROCKS. Seriously. Oh, and I especially enjoy those times when I'm at the Grocery store, in line at the post office or checking out books at the library in my (3) Good old Blue jeans and my rear-end back pocket begins to tweet... love those text messages!

(4) A piping hot sweetened Jolts & Juice coffee... throw in a friend with some wholesome convo along with it and that's a good day!

(5) My husband's lovely neck and shoulder massages... sorry N. (my massage therapist)... pst. yours are...ahem... quite better...and well, how do I put this... without a doubt you have much more endurance in the massage department... but then again, you are paid for it. >grin< (6) School days when I have the pleasure of homeschooling a cowboy ninja, a puppy, a princess and Buzz Light year in place of my oddly absent children. (7) Snuggling up on the sofa in a warm blanket, soft music playing, reminiscing and watching the rain fall through the windowpanes. (8) Love notes from my children. (9)My husband's scent.
(10) Being alive on this beautiful day!