Friday, January 29, 2010

My two youngest and I recently had an afternoon all to ourselves... we enjoyed each other by playing, shopping and taking some pictures!
Ooo, it's so shiny!

Argh, I just want to grab it, squeeze it and suck the bejeebers out of it!!

So debonair!

She's such a doll! (I'm not biased or anything, right?)

My two youngest blessings!
Thankful for them and the time spent with these cuties.
My Little man is such a cuddler and lover at heart. He loves to stroke, hug, cuddle and snuggle everyone but especially his baby sister. It's so special to partake in the sweetness of his gestures. Such a sensitive little guy.
My fifth blessing, on the other hand, is quite the little firecracker full of personality and she know what she wants! Lately that has been, TO MOVE!! She's not figured it out quite yet and that makes her upset.
She's happy to sit with her brother, though even if he is unknowingly a little rough and heavy, she endures and rather even enjoys his lovings as she melts into his hugs.
These two are two special, one-of-a-kind little people and God has big plans for each of them.

Thankful He's given them to our family to train up in Him!