Thursday, December 23, 2010

Facial Scrub Mask

If you we're wondering what in the WORLD was on my face in this post yesterday, I'm going to let you in on it today!

It was No Bake Cookies!
Nah, just joshing with you.
It's my homemade facial scrub mask!
I really enjoy making facial scrubs at home. They are all natural, even organic and it just feels good to use REAL ingredients.
I love it even more when I can use otherwise used ingredients and recycle!  With this coffee banana scrub, I used the following:

Used coffee grounds
Crystallized honey
Mashed over ripe banana
Olive oil

I added tiny bits of the ingredients at a time and mashed and mashed until I had a good spreading consistency.  Lathered the delicacy on and waited about 20 minutes before washing it off and adding moisturizer.  It sloughs off dry skin, draws out the extra oils in the skin and leaves your skin glowing and feeling fresh!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Surrounded by beauty;
Choosing to believe;
Letting go of doubt;
Kneeling on bended knee;
Living real, living freely;
Living selflessly;
In giving, finding blessing;
Following my gracious Savior's lead.

Daily, this is my heart's prayer! I falter just as much if not more than choosing the right way.  I'm thankful to God for His son Jesus, His gracious sacrifice that covers over those mistakes. Celebrating Him today and every day!
Merry Christmas!