Monday, April 15, 2013

Love my kids!

God is good!

God hears our prayers, and He answers them! I am testimony to that. (: A dear woman of God recently reminded me of a prayer/desire I shared just last December when asked what work I would like to see the Lord do in my heart over the next year... 'Brokenness and humility'. Brokenness, Christ's body, broken for us, a living sacrifice... and humility, my innermost heart reactions, servant-hood. Every sleepless night, dragging into the wee hours of the morning, lying still, trying to relax my raging hyper-thyroid hormones, every exhausted moment I feel the effects of mono bringing me to lie down, only to lie awake, thinking this is madness, brings me THAT much closer to the side of Christ. It drives me to let go and fall to my knees in brokenness and humility. I WANT to become more like Him and He WANTS to work in my life. Win-win. Second guessing my prayer? No, on the contrary, I treasure it. Though, I am weak, exhausted and tired with mono and hyper-thyroidism and I fret over questions of 'how long' or 'can I do this, another day', and letting go of any allusion of control I thought I had, daily, He brings me back to His Word. His promises. And He gets me through another day.
I will praise Him in this storm, as He refines, I put my faith in Him, I commit my spirit into His hands. Join me!