Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A family that works together... smirks together?
Well, I tried. 'Works' rhymes with nothing.
My husband, two oldest girls and I all worked together to install a beautiful laminate floor yesterday. That was our memorial day. I have to say, it was hard work, and not necessarily "fun" but we enjoyed each other's company, laughing at my toilet paper earplugs and protective eye ware, dancing with the broom to Air One radio and using the table saw. YES I DID!
Just call me buff.
My husband and I didn't snap at each other once! We're one of the selective few who can work together without it ending in one of us sleeping on the couch. Heehee.  It was a wonderful day, spent working together.
I love my family dearly.

 Warning: over-enthusiasm is inevitable after 5 shots of espresso, a large Coke, Wendy's cuisine, fried chicken and a frosty consumed all in one day.