Friday, February 5, 2010

A silly story...

When asked to come up with a story on the fly*no pun intended, you can expect something similar to this recent colorful short, to spew forth from my brain:

"Once upon a time, there was a frog named Dee. A lovely frog was she. A head full of hair and a belly full of flies.
If you ever did see her, you would know it was she, for how many frogs have a head full of hair? It is a wig, you see!
Dee: a frog, a wig and a belly full of flies.
If ever at the pond, and a head full of hair you see-it must be Dee.
And though very, very bald... very, very proud, expect her to be!"

The Lord is our Provider!

He provides a way.

He gives life.

He holds the weary.

He calls.

He sustains us.

He guides.

He leads.

He heals.

He binds.

He restores.

He forgives.

He treasures.

He delights.

He communes.

He smiles.

He gives.

He surrounds.

He protects.
He renews.
He is our everything.

In Him we find everything we need for life and godliness! What then shall be our excuse in the end? Nothing. Nothing! We have but to accept his offering of guidance this have access to His everlasting, infinite wisdom at our fingertips!
Grab hold of Him today along with me and remember, He IS our everything and our God knows the way.

Monday, February 1, 2010


On this particular day, I was craving something. Healthy. Delicious. Cheesy of course, and something with a little zing!
So I came up with this:
Spinach Guac with mini quesos and a freshly squeezed lime Diet Coke.
Okay, Diet coke didn't fit into any of those craving specifications but did in fact wash my meal down superbly!
If you are so inclined to mimic this "recipe", it goes something like this:
Spinach guac was made up of an avocado, juice of half a lime, 1/4 cup organic salsa of your choosing, 1/4 cup chopped spinach and 1/2 t garlic salt.
Use the rest of your lime to juice your coke and enjoy a sip before moving on to the quesos...
Now, brown 4 tortillas in olive oil(or again an oil of your choosing) on med/high heat, and once both sides are browned top tortilla with shredded cheese(along with any other ingredients you may so desire) and fold in half, and heating until cheese is melted. It really only takes a minute or so! This could certainly feed two, but if you are unfortunately the only one home on this particular day because your husband works, your kids have already eaten and you're feeling like a loner at the moment.... then by ALL means don't let any of it go to waste!
Then sit down, relax. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. And enjoy the *zangy flavor!!

*once again I have made up a fictitious word to enhance the emphasis of my statement.
Good day, my friends -Mommy

"Dear Lord,
Thank you for plants.
Thank you for strawberries.
Thank you for pickles.
Thank YOU.
Becuase grass withers,
And flowers fall,
but the Word of the Lord stands forEVer!
Thank you.