Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Merry Christmas

I recently asked my buff husband to use his brawn to move his UPS'd boxed Christmas present, which had conveniently come in the mail AND which had also been lamely conveniently bought online from Stacks & Stacks, from the front porch to the attic to await being wrapped! I checked it out and being it was wrapped well, in a box, didn't have any pictures of it's contents on it's outer packaging and my husband would have NO idea what I bought him for Christmas, I didn't foresee any problems with him bringing it indoors for me and sparing my shoulders the pain.

To set the reason straight for WHY I bought him this gift, since it may sound like a pretty hilarious gift for a guy, here it is: He had recently decided he wanted to iron his clothes more. He knows, and God love him for it, that I don't have time to iron clothes. Oh, I could make time, but he and I both would rather me worry about more important stuff like; reading with our kids, homeschooling, Bible reading, quiet time, sleep, good meals or just for goodness sakes getting all of our clothes clean in the first place, etc. The list could go on for paragraphs.... so, at the thought of more ironing being in his future, I thought I would surprise him with a Wall Mounted Hideaway Ironing Board! I thought it would be perfect as we don't really have room in our laundry room to store a normal sized one. I knew he would thoroughly enjoy the project of putting it together, staining it, installing it and conveniently using it instead of the top of our washing machine... hehehe, I was so smart, he'd never figure out what I bought him for Christmas, or what is was!! It's one of those gifts, you just can't WAIT for them to open... Oh, the anticipation! He has NO clue, NO idea what I would've gotten him... Hehe, sometimes, I just am so pleased with myself... Ahem, anyway...

...So after nicely asked, he gladly went to the front porch to use his pumped up forearms to do the job. I heard him open the front door. I smiled with contented satisfaction as I pictured him looking at that huge box wondering what in the world it could be. Then there was silence. "Amers?" he asked questioningly. "Yes?" I called from the kitchen. "It's the big box right?" he asked, and I could tell he was smiling. "Uh, yeah, it is." I replied and out of growing curiosity, I started making my way to the front door, not really sure why he was asking. "I think I know what it is." He said with a laugh. "What?! How?!" I gasped. As I quickly reached the front door and studied his smiling face, his twinkling eyes motioned for me to look at the box... Well, as my gaze rested on the box, my peering eyes were presented with this hilarious picture...


Ah, well. Merry (early) Christmas, sweetie!!