Friday, November 26, 2010

Flashback Friday

Our fifth blessing at 7 days old-
she will soon be 18 months old.
How time flies!
She who is now so busy living life out loud.
Was once living only to be held, loved and fed by her mama.
Sweet memories.
Sweet little girl.
So thankful we get to watch her blossom and grow!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random Conscious Thoughts

Some days, I empathize with a tattered out of date sweater that has been worn, enjoyed, and cherished but abandoned for a new more exciting in fashion one!  Silly, I know... I long for real closeness, dedicated love and the comforting endurance that goes along with knowing each other for many years in all of my friendships... but is it better to just move on in some cases?  Maybe.
On a lighter note, I am completely vanilla happy-go-lucky lately... Latte?  Add a little vanilla!  Cookies? Pour it in! Apple Turnovers? Give it a splash, please! Fruit salad? Of course, drench it in vanilla--->Yep. I'm in love with my organic Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla... and no it's not because of it's alcohol content. I don't think...
L-O-V-I-N-G the weather this week!  "Dear, Snow storms, you are more than welcome to stay here anytime."
My husband is working so hard to organize, make important profitable changes both at work and home, and like always attempts to share the gospel and glorify God in everything he does.  He's an inspiration to me, constantly. And speaking of my husband, he is the best daddy ever as well. I lean on him for everything, probably a bit too much. I'm sure the Lord is constantly waving His mighty hand at me saying,"Yoowhoo!  Remember me?  I'm here, too!" 
This past weekend, just in time before the cold weather and storms hit, he took our kids out and raked up and played in our yard of leaves. They had fun tricking me. They would call me outside so I'd come and be like,"Where's so and so!?"  And then I would see a pile of leaves shaking with quiet laughter and a bright green straw poking out the top of it (for the so and so to breathe of course!). They would then jump out of the pile with pure joy at their craftiness. It was hilarious and fun!
Oh my, I believe this is the first year where our leaves we're "raked"(jumped in, hid in, thrown in the air, trampled...), a hallmark Fall staple of course, AND our first snow day have both happened on the same weekend! CRAZY! Some years when winter hits, IT HITS.
So the other day, these two we're sitting there quietly eating(eggnog and cookies), snuggling, kissing and enjoying eachother.

It was so sweet!
Hm, it brings me right on back to the sweet moments of THIS day almost a year ago... they grow far too fast!
Or this precious video from over a year ago:

I can expect to get nothing else accomplished today (except for the fact that I do work at Jolts tonight ((Yippee, excited!)) so I'd better tear myself away from this treasure trove of days gone by) as I am in complete blissful contentment at the moment. Shuffling through our vintage photo collections, our hilarious home videos and memories.
My heart caught up in grateful song.
There are SO many photos and videos I would love to share with you all but I will leave you with this one from almost 2 years ago.
My fifth blessing was on her way but still in the oven.

Here I am adoring and giving thanks for the many years of gracious living that we have been afforded. As well as through the crazy mess-ups, not so lovely days, dark times and growing seasons...
God you have always been so good!

"So we, Your people and sheep of Your pasture,
Will give You thanks forever;
We will show forth Your praise
to all generations."
Psalm 79:13

It's official

The first snowfall of the year has fallen.

My husband and I were awakened by the excited nudges of our children to get out of bed and gaze out of our paned windows at the big wet flakes floating beautifully to the ground.
They watched, pressed their little faces to the window panes and marvelled for all of about a few minutes before our home become a mess of winter clothing, hats, boots scarves and gloves.
My children (and husband) teaming with excitement and snow clothes clad
headed out for the annual "first snow" snow fight and snowman build.
I have been slightly under the weather with a cold. I stayed snug and warm inside this time and so didn't get any actual factual pictures of the snow! Crazy. 
Neighbors joined in the snow fun and in with our family for breakfast as well!  German pancakes-sweet, warm and filling.
My littlest girlie enjoyed fer "first" bout with the cold wet stuff.  She wouldn't keep her mittens on so frigid red fingers and all, she was absolutely thrilled with the new adventure.
The fun ended with piles of wet clothing, rosy cheeked children and steamy hot cocoa. Life is good!
So it's official. Winter is here!

It was a magical morning. Beautiful. Memorable and delightful.
I'm SO thankful!