Friday, February 18, 2011

It's about time.

Babies grow much too fast for my liking. They change every day! Whether it be in mental development or their shoe size, they are constantly growing up and out.
It has been far and away too long since I have snapped some keepers of my fifth blessing who is 20 months old and who has been quickly changing from cuddly baby, to toppling toddler!
Today we sat on the bed near one of our old paned windows, looked outside, swung on the top bunk rungs and enjoyed some one on one time... with mommy's new camera along for the ride!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Importance of being...

So, in the midst of my unique mundane life, those things, memories and circumstances that fill up every minute of every hour, I have found the time to point and shoot a few practice shots today.  I can officially say that I love my new camera.  It's a beast!  But I will tame it yet.
Introducing. Completely un-edited. My most favorite things around the house... in no particular order. *wink

 My selfless husband, lover and friend.

Food of course. (my stellar gluten/yeast/sugar free fish tacos)

Story time... one of our faves.

Decor and the colors brown and red.

Okay, so I don't think of myself as my own favorite thing... but I HAD to have a picture of me in here, too!

Marriage to a wonderful Christian man... and my new wedding ring!

My second mommy in command. 

A sweetie pie.

My right hand woman.

(yes, he's playing with a My Little Pony... in the bathtub)

My fifth blessing.

Dear friends and time spent with them.
What's not to love about stilling the precious moments of our day and reliving them once again... brings a smile to my weary face.

It's here...

My new camera has ARRIVED! 
And thank goodness, no more cell phone pictures!! 
I am so so so so excited to start practicing and experimenting with it's picture taking abilities!!  I've spent a good hour researching and reading the manual, familiarizing myself with all of it's gadgets, gizmos, buttons and funtions. Until I get a photography class under my belt and the photog lingo down I may just want to stick to the {auto} or {creative auto} mode... for my own protection. Heehee.