Thursday, February 11, 2010


I can't recommend these 'Melissa & Doug' Art Essentials *Washable* Jumbo Watercolor set of paints highly enough! The colors are vibrant. It comes with a wonderfully large paintbrush. The paints are large. Perfect for beginner sweet little hands.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I tend to love ALL things green. I'm totally into veggies, trees, gardens... I like to think I have a 'green' thumb to be sure! I'll even admit to enjoying a good weed-pulling now and again.
This green indoor plant was a gift from my dear friend... and I love it! Although, I am not 'green' enough to know it's name. Anyone?

I'm ALL for the heart healthy 'greens' like spinach, broccoli, rich lettuces, Ooo and asparagus, yummy asparagus... along with Brussels sprouts, artichokes, cucumbers... okay, I could go on for awhile. You catch my drift, right?

(recipe for this DEEEEEEEEEElicious dish in another post soon!)

I'm also ALL for going 'green'(as much as is feasibly possible for a person). Using cloth diapers, cutting down on energy usage i.e. driving, heating, electricity, buying organic, I love to recycle, fix up and refurbishing instead of buying new, I try to bring cloth grocery bags to bring my groceries home in, using all-natural, chemical free cleaning products or as in my case, just not cleaning much at all works really really great, too... buying recycled things like my new green ReClaim phone made by Samsung... it's a green 'green' phone and I love it!

Now, I'm not necessarily for green water... or being 'green' with envy for that matter... but it's green just the same... so it goes well with this post!
This green water is just colored with food coloring and was a home school project with my 1st grader. She loved drinking her special green water.
Happy GREEN living to you!


We had the wonderful blessing of having a nice, proactive morning with little to no mishaps, quarreling or spills.
We so enjoyed it!
My kids suprised me with wanting me to get back into bed so they could bring me breakfast in bed! How sweet is that?
They brought me a menu, they we're apron clad and had servant hearts ready to serve!
It was beautiful... me and my five kiddos all in my bed this morning.
What a great way to start the day!
Have I mentioned lately how unscrupulously awesome these kiddos are?

Or the fact that they absolutely love bananas?

And though as sweet as pie they might be, the fact is that their love of bananas is probably due to the fact that they, in action... er, mostly... resemble *a non-human, little furry primate mammal with a long tail...

Only these *monkeys are much, much better to have around.